Board of Directors

The Minnesota Valley Education District #6027 Board of Directors meets regularly to review and develop district policy and discuss matters of particular concern to our student community. We carefully consider the input and recommendations from our stakeholders and always keep the needs of our students, staff, and member districts forefront as we strive to make sound and responsible decisions. MVED’s Board of Directors is made up of one person from each member district’s school board.

Board Members

Ashley Black
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Jillian Cousins
St. Clair
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Karson Duncanson
Maple River
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Nancy Heldberg
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Linda Leiding
Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial
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Tracy Stuewe
St. Peter
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Important Information

The purpose of the creation of the Minnesota Valley Education District is to increase options for learning and access to educational opportunities for all residents within the boundaries of the member districts by facilitating cooperation and coordination among its members.