Minnesota Valley School

Minnesota Valley School (MVS) provides a specialized class and school setting for children identified as needing more structure, support, and modifications than is available at the traditional school level.

Our Vision

To create a safe environment where all students can attain higher levels of social, emotional and behavioral skills, and academic functioning.

Our Services

Minnesota Valley School (MVS) provides a range of social, emotional, and behavioral services, centered around meta-cognitive based curriculum and individualized to meet the unique needs of each learner. These mental health services are available on a continuum of needs from group and/or individual mental health skills instruction to individual/group and/or family therapy provided by a range of mental health staff. In addition, each classroom implements consistent behavioral planning and data collection and provides individualized Positive Behavior Support Plans for each student to address their unique needs.

MVS teaches learners based upon Minnesota’s Core Academic Standards in the areas of English language arts, math, science, and social studies as well as incorporating physical and arts education, health instruction, and vocational training and work experience (grades 9–12) in a structured, consistent environment, tailoring instruction to be at each student’s individual academic level. Special education teachers create and provide group and individualized instruction using multi-model means to ensure quality learning takes place for all types of learners.

Our Expectations

MVS’s commitment is to maintain high behavioral and academic expectations for all learners while maintaining flexibility in programming so that all students can find behavioral and academic success in school. MVS is designed specifically for students who have an emotional/behavioral disability and is centered around their unique social, emotional, and/or behavioral issues. The program is also capable of serving students with specific learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, or other health disabilities. This program is not designed to meet the needs of learners with serious cognitive delays or profound physical disabilities.

Our Goal

The goal for all learners is to provide them with the skills necessary to reduce their need for level IV services and to encourage and support them to return to a less restrictive educational setting. For some students, this may include full re-integration back into their home school or returning on a part-time basis for specific instructional opportunities. For students who are unable to function in a less restrictive setting, MVS is committed to providing them with a quality education to prepare them for their individual post-secondary life.