Our Administration

The administration at MVED works diligently on behalf of its staff members and member school districts. We care not only about the wellbeing of special needs students but also that of our employees who work tirelessly at helping our students to experience the joy of success in the classroom.


Bob Vaadeland
(507) 934.5420 ext 1254
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John Lustig
MVS Principal
(507) 934.5420 ext 1221
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Megan Gracia
Business Manager
(507) 934.5420 ext 1247
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Bev Peters
Payroll Specialist
(507) 934.5420 ext 1222
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Amy Leonard
MA Billing/Director's Secretary
(507) 934.5420 ext 1235
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Cathy Good
Administrative Assistant
(507) 934.5420 ext 1225
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Nancy Brey
Secretary - Hoffman Ctr
(507) 934.9820
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