Minnesota Prairie School

Minnesota Prairie School (MPS) is a K–4, setting 3, classroom serving students with behavioral needs. These needs may be EBD, OHD, ASD, or SLD. Students in this program are all members of one of the seven school districts of which Minnesota Valley Education District (MVED) provides special education services. MPS strives to foster growth both academically and behaviorally. Students receive bursts of social skills instruction in a small classroom environment located within the general education school setting. Students participate to the greatest extent possible with their peers in the general education setting. Upon successful completion of the program, students can anticipate a return to their previous educational setting. 

Program Components

Social Skills
Students will actively learn social skills every day at MPS using a research-based social skills curriculum appropriate to their age and level of need. They will learn this through direct instruction, groups, role-play activities, and the opportunity to generalize these skills with same-age peers in the general education setting. 

Mental Health
Students in the MPS program will have dedicated time to work on their social skills with certified mental health professionals provided through MVED. The MVED social worker and mental health practitioner will work both individually and in small groups with the MPS students to aid in positive mental health growth. MPS students will also be encouraged to continue to collaborate with their county workers and outside mental health practitioners. 

The MPS program is a setting 3 program provided through MVED. Students in K–4 who are a part of this program will be in the special education setting 60-100% of their school day. Upon successful completion, they will transition back to their setting 2 programs in their resident school districts. 

Related Services
Based on their current IEPs, students in the MPS program will have access to related services provided by MVED. These include:

  1. Speech
  2. Occupational Therapy
  3. Physical Therapy
  4. DAPE
  5. DHH
  6. BVI