Autism Spectrum Disorder Classrooms

Children on the autism spectrum face unique learning challenges. The autism spectrum disorder (ASD) program provides autistic students with individualized learning opportunities where they practice the skills necessary to navigate through daily social interactions and successfully integrate into a world rife with unpredictable sensory and environmental situations.

Program Components

Social Interaction and Communication Skills:
Students will improve social understanding as they learn through visual strategies including stories and comic strip conversations. Our program utilizes a functional approach to problem behavior by teaching students new skills to replace undesirable behaviors. 

Students learn strategies for self-regulation and self-advocacy to manage sensory issues that may impede their ability to attend and participate in instruction.

Students work towards individual goals as they successfully achieve their objectives in a visually structured and positive environment. Students will learn generalization skills in the context of naturally occurring activities and daily routines. We also offer opportunities for instruction in general education settings.

ASD Locations

ASD programs are available at the following locations:

  • St. Peter Middle School: 5-8
  • St. Peter High School: 7-12

ASD Contact Info

Jacki Madden
Autism Consultant
507-934-5420 ext. 1224